Privacy Workshop with Alison Macrina at Hive76

By Hive76 (other events)

Monday, July 17 2017 6:00 PM 9:00 PM

During this workshop Alison Macrina will be giving a basic breakdown of the most effective ways to protect your digital privacy. This event is open to beginners of all knowledge levels and will be covering a wide variety of useful topics.

Some general topics covered during the workshop will explain how the data you share online travels and is stored in various ways. Some common myths and misconceptions will be discussed to clear the air on basic topics like password security, internet browsing, and encryption. Advice and resources for mobile devices and computers will be covered.

Is encryption right for you? Learn the steps you can take to protect your hard drive and communications.

Learn how VPNs can protect your internet browsing privacy in combination with other tools like duckduckgo, https, and ublock origins.

Alison Macrina is a digital rights advocate, librarian, and founder of the Library Freedom Project.
She is also a core contributor to The Tor Project, a tool used by journalists the world over to protect their coomunications. Her advocacy for global justice and privacy has brought her to Hive 76 to teach ordinary users how they can protect their privacy from broad government surveillance and tracking by corporations.

For mobility accomodations please contact [email protected] in advance of the event.