Intro to Electronics at Hive76

By Hive76 (other events)

Sunday, March 15 2020 1:00 PM 4:30 PM

Join us for an afternoon of learning and exploration! In this class students will be taken through the basic fundamentals of electricity all the way to creating circuits and experimenting. Every student will get a comprehensive kit of parts with designs for a variety of different circuits. The class is open to people of all skill levels.

The format of the class will be a short lecture followed by a hands on workshop using the kit of parts. The kit of parts include a wide variety of resistors, LEDs, capacitors, integrated circuits, transistors, and diodes etc. Each of these components will be introduced in the lecture and have accompanying circuit examples showing how they work.

Students will be making circuits on a reusable breadboard which does not require soldering, all the components can be reused.

For mobility accommodations please contact the organizers in advance of the event, thank you.